Noreen Riols

It is often the case that artists of one kind or another are not very nice people.  The obsessional devotion they give to their art and that they in return sometimes receive from their fans often comes with poor behaviour particularly away from the public gaze.  Artists of the written word are no exception, although it has to be said that most writers do not lay claim to the description of “Artist”.  Anyhow it is always a pleasure to meet writers who are manifestly not self obsessed.

Noreen Riols is an incredibly impressive lady.  She is the last survivor of the women of SOE (F section) who took the war into German occupied France during WWII.  She came over from France where she now lives to give a series of talks to packed audiences who listened spellbound to her stories of the bravery and sacrifice of the agents, most of whom met horrible ends.  Her book is called The Secret Ministry of Ag and Fish,  as this is where her family were told she was working.  In fact it was not until this century that her story became known to the astonishment of her friends and family who had no idea.


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