Book Club

CLASSIC BOOK CLUB: The Heat of the Day – Elizabeth Bowen

Wednesday 31st July – 7:15 for :7:30pm

It is wartime London, and the carelessness of people with no future flows through the evening air. Stella discovers that her lover Robert is suspected of selling information to the enemy. Harrison, the British intelligence agent on his trail, wants to bargain, the price for his silence being Stella herself.

Caught between two men and unsure who she can trust, the flimsy structures of Stella’s life begin to crumble.

The discussion will be led by Elizabeth

BOOK CLUB: Crow Lake – Mary Lawson

Date TBA – 7:15 for :7:30pm

The Morrison siblings have been haunted by tragedy since the sudden death of their parents in an accident when they were young. Kate found an escape from the legacy of their dark past in her passion for the natural world. Now a zoologist far away from the small farming community where she grew up, she thinks she’s outgrown her three brothers, who were once her entire world.

But Kate can’t seem to escape her childhood or lighten the weight of their mutual past.

The discussion will be led by Tim

Everyone is welcome – either let us know beforehand or just turn up on the night. If you would like to be added to the emailing list just go to our contacts page and put  your details in with ‘Book Club’ in the Subject line.  Our book club meetings cost £5 which includes a glass of wine.



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