Book club reading

It is always interesting and worthwhile reading books one wouldn’t usually read. People talk blithely about bad writing when what they usually mean they didn’t “get” the book. Some people like a book with a fast pace others prefer a more leisurely stroll. Some like detailed discussion of military hardware and some joycean descriptions of thought processes done in real time.

I am currently reading for the Festival of Book Clubs held at Lord Wandsworth College in a few weeks time – authors that I probably wouldn’t have read but which I have enjoyed in different ways. Fergus McNeill’s Knife Edge about a serial killer was gripping and Fanny Blake’s entertaining The Secrets Women Keep was more than the floaty beach read that the cover suggests. Katherine Webb’s Misbegotten is a slow-burn historical mystery which accelerates into a frantic page turner. Next week I am planning something completely different – the new Martin Amis or David Mitchell’s The Bone Clocks?


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