Welcome to our events page. Below is a list of our current programme – please contact us for more information or if you would like to hold an event in the shop.

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Wednesday 31st May, 6pm: Book launch: Homage to Bangladesh – Rupert Grey

When Rupert Grey arrived in Dhaka in 1992, a sign announced that arrivals were ‘Welcome to Bangladesh before the tourists get here’. They still haven’t. Grey first came to Bangladesh as a London lawyer armed with three FM2 cameras. Many journeys and 30 years later he is a photographer armed with a useful legal background. The catalysts were Chobi Mela, the festival of photography, and its founder Shahidul Alam, an acclaimed photographer, human rights activist and Time magazine’s Person of the Year in 2018. This book charts Grey’s love affair with Bangladesh, including an epic transcontinental journey through India to Chobi Mela in a vintage Rolls-Royce, later portrayed in the award-winning, Sharon Stone produced film Romantic Road.

His photographs, mostly taken on film, speak powerfully of the cultural vitality and energy which Kissinger missed, and which inspired Grey’s Homage to Bangladesh. As a libel and copyright lawyer Rupert has represented national papers, politicians, bankers, celebrities and explorers. He serves on the board of a number of front-line charities in the arts, education, photography and marine exploration.

He has travelled on foot and horseback, by dug-out canoe, dog sledge, camel, elephant, bush-plane and Land Rover to the wild places of the earth. His photographs have been exhibited in several countries including Bangladesh, and his articles have been widely published. He lives with his wife Jan in a remote thatched cottage in Sussex, England, with their three daughters nearby.

Thursday 25th May, 7:30pm: An Evening with James Naughtie (in association with Chichester Children’s Bookfest)

We will be the bookseller for this event in Chichester Cathedral when Jim Naughtie will be in conversation with Colin Heber-Percy about his latest novel The Spy Across the Water, his third in the Will Flemyng series. Tickets for this event cost £15 and can be purchased via this link:

Monday 12th June, 6pm: Book launch: The Mystery of the Homeless Man by Gina Cheyne

We are delighted to welcome back Gina Cheyne to launch the third book in her crime series – The Mystery of the Homeless Man, following the success of her previous books The Mystery of the Lost Husbands and Murder in the Cards.

One Tree Writers

Do you write? Have you always wanted to write? We’re a small friendly group who have been meeting for over ten years. We take turns to read out whatever we are currently working on and offer each other advice and support. Over time we have had writers working on short stories, novels (adult, YA and children’s), poetry, memoir, blogs and even academic essays! We have met at various venues and now, at Tim’s invitation, we will be based at One Tree books – hence our new name. We meet upstairs at 2.30 on Tuesday afternoons. If you think you might be interested, why not come along and say hello?

MAH-JONG at One Tree Books

Taking bookings now!

Mah-Jong expert Sheila Lucas is running a 4 week course from March 1st on a Tuesday afternoon for up to 12 people. Sessions cost £10 and start at 2pm and are suitable for beginners and intermediate players. Why not come and have lunch in Ginger’s café beforehand, or stay on for tea afterwards. For more details please ask in the shop or contact Sheila directly: